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Posted on the 12th, October 2016, in Best Practices, Industry, Nusafe, PPE, Workwear,

3 Benefits to Consolidating Your Product Range

It has been suggested in the scientific community that the average adult makes over 35,000 decisions each day.  These range from simple and commonplace – tea or coffee? – to more complex and important  – who to vote for or what car to buy. In many ways, our choices are a chance for us to express ourselves and have control over our lives.  However, there are some areas where more choice is not necessarily a good thing, and PPE and workwear product range is one of those situations.

Many H&S and procurement officers express to us struggles associated with workers accessing a massive catalogue of items.  While providing the choice that is necessary and beneficial for a diverse workforce, Nusafe’s approach to PPE and workwear supply involves consolidating the ranges of our clients where possible. This results in a number of benefits:


When there is one approved product for a given task, those placing orders know what they require. There is no questioning what staff members would prefer or if the available items are of appropriate certification.This eliminates potential for disputes among employees, and frees up company time to focus on core objectives.


With a rationalised product range, management can more easily recognise when employees are wearing the right gear. This will encourage compliance and, as a result, ensure a safer workplace.


A smaller range of products makes tracking usage and spend much easier. By purchasing higher numbers of one product, costs are usually reduced.


We are experts in product rationalisation and we’re always ready to help where we can. If the above benefits sound attractive to you, give us a ring and find out what potential we can identify to consolidate your range. We’re here to help.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Feel free to call us on 0845 337 1698 to speak to a Nusafe team member.

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