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Posted on the 14th, September 2016, in Best Practices, Industry, Nusafe, PPE, Workwear,

5 Ways to Improve Transactional Efficiency in Procuring PPE & Workwear

At Nusafe, we work hard when it comes to PPE and workwear so that you don’t have to.  By consistently working to improve transactional efficiency, the speed and simplicity of your orders, we are continually improving the client experience. We have put together five ways that you can work to improve transactional efficiency in PPE and workwear procurement within your business:   

1. EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES  Create a PPE/workwear champion team who have a good understanding of the needs of the business and have a rapport with the workforce. This group should focus on consolidating the product range needed and clarifying relativity to any tasks/departments in your company.

2. DRIVING COMPLIANCE Make the range visible to the workforce, excluding alternative options, using bespoke literature and/or web portal. Ensure where and when products can be used is clearly identified.

3. ENSURING EQUIPMENT AVAILABILITY Focus on buying patterns and regulate ordering so that stock-outs are not experienced and sufficient time is given to your supply chain to deliver. This stage should be automated as much as possible, and there are some great cost effective software options that integrate with existing systems to help here.

4. INCREASING WORKPLACE EFFICIENCY If vending is an option for higher use items, it should be explored. These machines bring a number of benefits and free up many company employees to get on with more important tasks.

5. REDUCING ADMINISTRATION WORK  Review the process of invoicing – can this be consolidated to one per month? Is there a smarter way they can be submitted? There are many software systems in companies that don’t get utilised to their full potential. To fully optimise your transactional efficiency, each of the above should be taken into consideration.  It is also important to work with a PPE and workwear partner who shares and understands your objectives.  Suppliers with experience and knowledge in this approach can provide some excellent tools and added value support on an ongoing basis.

Feel free to call us on 0845 337 1698 to speak to a Nusafe team member.

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