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The Team

The Nusafe team is committed to hard work, innovation, and delivering an outstanding service.

We simply love what we do. If you’d like to get to know our team leaders  and the work we do a little better, feel free to read on.

John Carruth, Managing Director

John oversees Nusafe and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. He’s hands-on in business development and sales, drawing on extensive experience in the industry to ensure the achievement of consistently outstanding results.

Gerry Carruth, Sales Director

Gerry overlooks sales with an expert eye and the kind of enthusiasm we’re lucky to have. His leadership skills are second to none; he keeps the team on the road to success. From the business development of large projects, to the support of new product development, Gerry brings a new angle to everything he does. Most importantly of all, he’s all about the clients, taking a vested interest in their continual happiness with Nusafe.

Bonnie Carruth, Customer Services Manager

Bonnie’s our people person, making sure that all of our clients are happy all of the time. She’ll be the one you speak to if you have any queries about order processes and deliveries.  She ensures that the entire team is working to provide clients with the service they’ve grown to expect from us.

Ken McLean, External Account Manager

Ken looks after our extremely valued existing client base. Because the relationship we build with our clients is so important, Ken’s role is a vital part of the work we do. Here’s our on the road business development manger. If any one of our clients has a problem, it never goes unsolved. From providing product data, to arranging samples, to giving quotations, Ken’s a reliable, hardworking member of the team that we couldn’t do without.

Lois Johnston, Finance Administrator

Lois manages all financial activities at Nusafe, keeping all of our finances in check. From invoicing to admin she keeps this whole operation running smoothly.

Richard Luke, Operations Manager

Richard manages orders, making sure everything is as it should be. If an order is placed, Richard checks that it’s in stock, and ensures that it’s ready for dispatch. It’s what keeps our service so efficient and so fantastic.

Emily Harkness, Marketing Manager

Emily manages Nusafe’s marketing activities and strives to uphold the Nusafe brand throughout all facets of business.  She works to ensure clear communication with clients and prospective clients.

Saskia Storey, Sales Support Supervisor

Saskia oversees  the valuable support provided to Sales, assisting with pricing, quotes, and follow up activities. She communicates directly with clients about enquiries on an ongoing basis. She helps keep us running efficiently.

Mark Priestley, Dispatch Supervisor

Mark oversees the arrival of all goods, and the dispatch of them, too. This is what’s at the crux of our business, so we couldn’t function without him.

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5th, December 2017

Nusafe End of Year Shutdown

As we near the end of 2017 we are starting to plan for our annual end-of-year shutdown. We will continue to operate as usual until 4:30pm on Friday, 22 December and will remain closed until 7:30am on Tuesday, 2....

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