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Posted on the 9th, September 2015, in Nusafe,

Faces of Nusafe: Gerry Carruth

 Gerry Carruth has been with Nusafe since 2008, working his way from Sales Assistant to Account Manager to Sales Manager and, finally, to Sales Director.  In this role, he defines strategic objectives for the sales team and executes critical plans for the achievement of sales targets.  Gerry is responsible for leading and directing the Nusafe team in view of company goals, overseeing the sales and marketing teams, and working in concert with the commercial team to ensure that all facets of the business are operating effectively and efficiently.

As Sales Director, Gerry quite often travels throughout the UK to meet with prospective and current clients, searching for ways that Nusafe can help to simplify the PPE and workwear procurement process and building long-lasting professional partnerships built on trust.  He works hard to make Nusafe become part of the team at every valued client.

IMG_2421“At Nusafe, we focus on consolidation and streamlining the range of products needed by our clients.  Confusion and too much choice is often an issue in the health and safety market, and it is often highlighted when clients come in touch with our unique approach.  Nusafe focuses on the client.  We seek to understand them and their particular needs, rather than imposing our processes on them.  This is what sets us apart from the competition.  We are never satisfied with the status quo – never.”

When away from work Gerry focuses on taking care of his family, and he is committed to bettering his community by sharing with and helping others.  Gerry takes an active part in supporting the school where his children are taught.          In his leisure time, he enjoys staying active, particularly through running and cycling.   In the past, he has enjoyed multiple travels abroad, and hopes to have more opportunities to travel in the future.  Gerry is always keen to grasp new opportunities and experiences to broaden his horizons.

Should you have any questions related to Nusafe, Gerry can be reached at gerry.carruth@nusafe.co.uk    or by messaging him on Linkedin.

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