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Posted on the 1st, July 2015, in PPE,

Heatwave Alert

In case you have not been outside for the past few days, temperatures in England are soaring to record highs, with today being the hottest day of the year thus far.

In high temperatures, it is particularly important to take into account the workplace risks that arise. Decreased productivity, inability to focus, cramps, heat rashes, dehydration, fainting, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke are some of the potential dangers employees face.

How can you minimise the risks and keep your workers safe and comfortable? When possible, control the temperature using fans or air conditioners. Consider providing more breaks and a cool place to rest. Encourage workers to drink frequently by providing cool water in a convenient place. Discuss the risks of heat stress with your employees, and inform them of warning signs to look out for in high temperature conditions.

Additionally, some workplaces may benefit from PPE and workwear specially designed to cool employees at work. At Nusafe, we offer a line of products specifically created for this purpose. Our HyperKewl™ and Techkewl™ equipment provides a range of cooling vests and accessories designed to improve both physical and mental performance in warm conditions. This equipment provides long-lasting cooling relief from heat stress. It does not product condensation, and it is lightweight, durable, and re-useable.

This summer, get in touch with Nusafe and let’s keep your employees comfortable, productive, and safe. For more information, give us a call at 0845 337 1698 or email us at Sales@nusafe.co.uk . 

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