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Posted on the 22nd, April 2016, in Best Practices, Industry, Nusafe, PPE, Workwear,

Prescription Safety Specs at Nusafe

At Nusafe, we work hard to provide a full safety service to our clients.  This includes the availability and supply of prescription safety eyewear.

glasses 2

Eye protection is a basic requirement in many workplaces, as determined through risk assessments.  For employees who routinely wear glasses, either over-goggles need to be provided to go over their spectacles or they will require prescription safety eyewear.  Of these two options, prescription safety specs are more comfortable and a better long-term solution, as they do not have the same visual glares that occur with having two separate lenses.

For more information on the technical information of safety eyewear, check out our Lens and Frames Decoded Best Practice Guide.

Our Partner in Prescription Safety Eyewear

In order to provide our clients with the best services possible, Nusafe has partnered with Safety Spex, specialists in prescription safety eyewear to consult and supply us with top-quality, good-value products.  Since 2006, Safety Spex have been experts in this category.  We work alongside them to provide our clients the products they need when a specific requirement arises.

If you have any requirements for prescription safety eyewear, please give us a ring or email sales@nusafe.co.uk and we will work with you to find the ideal product solution.





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