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We're proud to provide high quality, good value products across the board.

Hand & Arm Protection / Safety Gloves

We supply EN388 standard hand protection that promises longevity, safety and practicality. Our range covers all of the essential risk elements, including burns, chemicals, cuts, engineering risks and pharmaceutical hazards. It’s our mission to provide protective hand wear that delivers on not only safety, but comfort and ultimately performance in the work place too.

Safety Footwear

We cover all of the essential requirements for foot protection, from ankle support, to breathability to inherent safety features (anti-slip, metal-free, toe caps etc). We also offer a foot-fitting service, and provide expert advice to ensure the right products are always chosen.


Our clothing range includes a full range of sizes, colours, flame retardant clothing, waterproof clothing and hot and cold weather solutions. We insist on combining high quality with great value and offer practical solutions too, such as our man-pack system, which means individuals can have all of their clothes and equipment delivered in a personal package. Clothing can be branded, either by heat sealing or embroidery, with no set-up fees. Plus, our services cover stock management and advice where needed.

Hi-Vis Workwear

We provide Hi Vis wear, which includes essential EN343 and EN471 approved workwear, as well as Railway Group Standard items. We insist on only using high quality, good value items in our range, which come with comprehensive branding and sizing options to choose from.

Eye & Face Protection

With our stylish and comprehensive range of eye and face protection, it isn’t difficult to stay safe and look good.  With everything from slimline specs and goggles to full face shields and visors, we’ve got all bases covered.

Respiratory Protection

Our high quality and technologically advanced respiratory range covers all of the essential categories: disposable dust masks, full- and half-face masks, air fed and air purified systems. All of our protection comes with comprehensive advice and support, including face fit testing, train-the-trainer sessions and toolbox talks.

Head Protection / Safety Helmets

Head protection has to be right: no-one can afford to risk a head injury and nor does anyone like wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit well.  That is why we cater for every task and taste with a choice of bump caps, hard hats and climbing helmets.  There are full branding options available across the entire range, which come with no set-up fee.

Hearing Protection

We take great pride in providing a range of products that are full of innovation and value.  We like to find something better than the ordinary, without the price tag.  Our range of ear defenders and ear plugs are no exception to this: in this category, you will find lots of wearer comfort, improved protection and handy features such as storage pouches and dispensers.

Disposable Protection

Disposable PPE and clothing is a perfect low cost solution for environments where a product needs protecting from the wearer, such as food production, or in areas of low risk, such as warehousing.  There is a huge variety of products available and they come in a range of colours too.  We aim to make things easy.

Protective Clothing

We offer protective clothing that is grouped by task to make the ordering process as efficient as possible. Some example tasks covered are: welding, chemical resistant workwear and heat protection. Our aim is to ensure that you don’t waste time where it isn’t needed.

Spill Control / Absorbents

Spillages happen as a fact of life, so it’s important to be prepared when they do. Our spill control product range covers all the essentials, such as drain covers, drum plugs and spill kits to make dealing with accidents of this nature as efficient and effective as possible. We provide spill control for general use, oil-only use and chemical-only use, too.

Site Safety

Our site safety range is comprehensive, and covers all basic site safety elements such as signage, traffic control, health & safety posters and fire extinguishers to help you maintain a safe and functional working environment.

Workplace Equipment

Our workplace equipment range enables you to order day-to-day equipment basics such as safety knives, lubricants and floor paint at the same time as ordering your PPE.

First Aid

We provide all legally required first aid supplies to ensure that accidents are met with the appropriate response. Our range covers everything from eye wash stations, to bandages, tape and safety pins; a little preparation can save a lot of potential damage.

Janitorial & Hygiene

We supply janitorial and hygiene products to increase efficiency and time-saving when ordering PPE. We provide everything from barrier cream, to washroom supplies, paper products and skin care. It’s the little extras that can sometimes make the ordering process a complicated one, which is why we’ve made it possible to get all of your products and equipment from one place.

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5th, December 2017

Nusafe End of Year Shutdown

As we near the end of 2017 we are starting to plan for our annual end-of-year shutdown. We will continue to operate as usual until 4:30pm on Friday, 22 December and will remain closed until 7:30am on Tuesday, 2....

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