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Because we care about our clients in the long-term, we offer ongoing services as well as products.

Consignment Stock Management

We know that you need safety and workwear to be available when you want it, where you want it. That’s why we offer a stock management service that allows you to take exactly what you need and no more. We’ll stock your grounds with safety wear at no initial charge. You’ll only pay for what you take, when you take it. What’s more, we’ll make sure you’re stocked up every week.


Our vending machines provide PPE and general hazard equipment. It’s a really easy and efficient way for staff to get the equipment they need as and when they want it. It works on an identity card system, so people can access it quickly and securely. It can be restricted, too, meaning that staff can only take certain amount of equipment per day. All in the name of efficiency.

You can find the form for our vending brochure here

Stock Room Management

We’ll take the stress out of safety and workwear with our stock room management service. Our locker system has been designed to make sure you’re never out of the equipment you need. Further, we’ll visit your grounds on a regular basis, count what’s been used, and replace it. Simple.


To make sure you get the most out of our products and services, we offer training over a number of different areas. These include product usage training, training on the right kind of protection, and training on how best to keep your staff safe. We’ll also help you keep an eye on your spending, and advise you on how to keep costs down. It’s the least we can do.


Nubox is our locker system. It’s slick, efficient and practical. This is the system we use for stock room management; all of our clients find it really effective, and we think you will too. Lockers can be pre-set at a certain stock level, which we’ll maintain with regular replacement of equipment.

Embroidery & Heat-Sealing

We’re happy to embroider your logo onto the workwear we supply you with. It’s all part of our service and comes at no extra cost.

Bespoke Stock Holding Agreements

We’ll tailor our stock holding services to your needs. Because of the added time it takes to produce and deliver branded workwear, we can arrange with you to always have some in stock so as to guarantee next day delivery. We know you have no time for delays.

Bespoke Delivery Arrangements

We know it might not be practical for you to receive deliveries at sporadic times throughout the week. That’s why we take a tidier approach, and offer tailored delivery plans. This means that you can arrange to receive all deliveries on, let’s say, a Friday. Why make life hard when it can be kept simple?

Consolidated Invoicing

In the name of keeping things just as you like them, we’ll invoice you when it suits, whether it be monthly, weekly or something else. Let’s talk about it.

Personal Packs

When it comes to large-scale factory refits we like to make things as easy as possible. Nusafe offers a service that means each individual member of staff can receive tailored, named packs of workwear. The pack will include the various items each individual needs, all there in one place. Our clients find this much more effective than receiving everything in bulk. It’s a guaranteed time saver.

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5th, December 2017

Nusafe End of Year Shutdown

As we near the end of 2017 we are starting to plan for our annual end-of-year shutdown. We will continue to operate as usual until 4:30pm on Friday, 22 December and will remain closed until 7:30am on Tuesday, 2....

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