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Posted on the 12th, April 2016, in Best Practices, Industry, Nusafe, PPE,

Do You Have a Spill Management Plan?


Applications Types


  • Maintenance products are black or grey and will absorb all kinds of industrial liquids including oil
    based and water based spills.
  • Ideal for use in industrial situations where many different kinds of liquids are present at the same
    time. This type of absorbent is usually most appropriate for non-chemical, indoor spills.

Oil only

  • Oil-only products are white and should only be used in the event of oil based spills such as
    lubricants, fuels and even vegetable oils.
  • Using hydrophobic technology, these products only absorb oil and not water. They will remain
    buoyant even when saturated with oil. These are often used outdoors to absorb oil based spills
    from water.


  • Colour coded yellow, chemical products are designed to absorb more aggressive detergents.
  • They are ideal for use in situations such as laboratories and chemical plants. Extreme care should
    be taken when clearing up chemical spills as they can be very hazardous.

Ensure personnel are correctly trained and are wearing the correct PPE.  If you aren’t sure what the requirements are, call 01388 722 955 for free expert advice.



You can use absorbent pads anywhere that fluids have leaked or spilt. Even selecting the right
grade has been made easy. For most indoor applications the black/grey pads are great. Use them
to absorb most fluids, including oils, fuels, solvents, coolants, water and foodstuffs such as milk
or wine. If there are any aggressive fluids such as acids or alkalis around, go for yellow. And if the
spill is outdoors and it’s oils or fuels, use white. These repel water, so are ideal for spills that have
reached watercourses such as rivers, ponds or drains.


If its larger areas that need covering quickly, you’re best off using absorbent rolls. They share
exactly the same construction as the absorbent pads, including the hard wearing coverstock for
longer wear underfoot. Choose from the same three grades, maintenance, oil-only or chemical; and
from a range of widths. Rolls are perforated across and up their length. This not only makes it easier
to take exactly what’s needed for the job but also to fold a piece over when some extra thickness is


These are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. Absorbent pillows
are typically used to catch leaks under equipment or drums, but they can also be used to
skim substances off water. Available in a range of different sizes for most indoor and outdoor applications.


These are an excellent choice where liquids need to be contained and absorbed. The combination
of a flexible knitted outer with a 100% polypropylene fill ensures rapid absorption and superb
retention. Another plus point of the knitted outer is that it easily takes up the swelling that occurs
as the fill absorbs, and so hugs the floor better. The socks are colour coded and available in all three
grades, maintenance, oil-only or chemical and in convenient lengths.


A loose absorbent and a cost effective measure for dealing with general liquid spills in and around
the workplace. Just pour onto the spill, brush in and brush up, leaving the surface perfectly dry with
no residue.


On land or water, absorbent booms are the ideal solution for containing large spills. Quick
placement of booms keeps oil and chemical spills from polluting the environment and entering
drains and our water supply system.




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