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Posted on the 17th, August 2016, in Best Practices, Industry, Nusafe, PPE, Workwear,

How Vending Machines Can Simplify Workplace Safety

Nusafe’s Guide to the Safety Benefits of Vending Machines

As health and safety professionals express an increasing interest in vending systems – and  with a significant rise in the implementation of vending machines for PPE and consumables – we have put together a simple guide to showcase exactly how these systems are helping our clients to improve their safety on a day to day basis:

On-site and automated vending machines means  replenishments  are  communicated to and performed directly by the suppliers ensuring  managers will not run out of products. This  mitigates  risks of operational delays ensuring that all employees have access to the legally required protection they need  at all times.


The use of unique identification cards for each employee creates a live record of who is taking what and at what time.  This can be used by management to track usage patterns and monitor employees products use.  Access to this information gives context for identifying training requirements and addressing non-compliant workers, as well as encouraging employees to be accountable for their safety.

By giving  employees instant access to the equipment they require throughout their shift, they are empowered to be responsible  for their own safety. This fosters a stronger safety culture through engagement  of the end-user, demonstrating the company’s trust in them and commitment to their safety  resulting  in a more positive safety culture across the workforce.

With an automated system, management can rest assured they will have the equipment they need without processing authorisations, freeing up time to focus on other responsibilities which create a safer environment.

In addition to enhancing shop-floor safety, vending machines allow companies to reduce cost overall
by identifying items that are being overused and addressing consumption issues.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Simply click here to view our brochure, or feel free to call us on 0845 337 1698 to  speak to a Nusafe team member.

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